HMO Management

We arrange and oversee the property by making regular inspections. We can then pick up quickly any maintenance needed, and we have trusted contractors who we have worked with for years who are dedicated to our properties for a quick and cost effective resolution of any maintenance needed.    

Communal areas should be cleaned weekly or fortnightly, and this is another opportunity to check the property.     

Any disputes or difficulties between tenants are swiftly dealt with by our experienced team.    

As our landlord, you have full access to our Landlord Portal so at any time day or night you can check your accounts, rent, description and photos of your property and download statements and invoices. 

We can provide you with an income statement at the end of each financial year at the click of a button making your accounting simple.   HMOs take time and dedication to set up so you get it right first time and managing a HMO can be a full time job. If not managed correctly the penalties can include large fines. A HMO manager is required to be within a two hour drive of the property at all times.

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HMO Pro is dedicated to lettings and management of shared accommodation in the North East. We are highly experienced in sourcing the right tenants and ensuring the smooth running of the property, which some landlords can find time consuming and stressful. Take that stress away and we can ensure your investment is well looked after.

HMO Licencing

All large HMOs are subject to mandatory licencing, and we can advise you if your property requires a licence and not only advise you of what is required, but also assist you with applying for a licence and meeting the requirements, and working alongside you with the local authority to get it right first time. Even small HMOs, whilst not needing the licence, still need to adhere to strict guidelines which you may find daunting, but for us this is second nature and we can help you and make this a much easier and stress free process.

Health and Safety

The rules for HMO are much stricter than of single lets. We can advise landlords of works which will need carrying out to meet all standards to qualify for an HMO licence, and provide quotes from our trusted contractors. You will need fire doors and mains connected smoke alarms, with regular testing. We will arrange your gas and electrical safety checks and ensure they are completed on time to ensure the safety of your tenants.    

There are rules to which type of furniture can be purchased meet fire safety standards and must carry the fire resistant symbol. We will carry out monthly inspections of your property to ensure the tenants are not storing bikes etc which may hinder exit in the event of fire, and check the furniture and if items require replacing in the property. We also routinely check for damp or hazards, which can be reported and swiftly dealt with.

Finding your tenants

Finding the right tenants is an essential part of HMO management. Not only do you need your tenants to be referenced and screened, but they also need to get on with each other to ensure a happy household. We get to know our tenants in HMOs so if a room becomes available, we know exactly who we are looking for to fill that room. We have a dedicated team as we know tenant screening and referencing is crucial, and we can offer rent guarantee insurance giving you further reassurance.    

Our fully managed package includes marketing on all the most popular websites where tenants are searching for a property, accompanied viewings, tenant referencing and drawing up a specialised tenancy agreement for HMO. We collect the rent and manage rent arrears immediately.


So, why choose HMO Pro?

We have years of experience managing HMOs in the North East and have a dedicated experienced team in lettings and tenancy management. We are a member of ARLA (Association of Residential Letting Agents) and The Property Ombudsmen.

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